Serge Grimbert wakes up to find himself in an unknown place. He soon finds out that he is in a shack in the middle of the desert. Shook up by a spell of amnesia and a wound to the head, he tries to remember what happened. Inez, a woman who is nursing him back to health tells him that she found him on the road with his film gear scattered all around. Serge slowly begins to remember why he came to the desert: to make a documentary on child trafficking. As Serge slowly recovers his memory, he discovers that it was no accident that he was lying in the desert left for dead.

Trafficking One-Sheet

October 31, 2010 – Starry Nights Cinema has announced the launch of the official website for the movie Trafficking starring George C. Bujold. This short independent film is about an American journalist who travels to Central America to shoot a documentary on human trafficking. His journey takes him into the slums of the red light district to the trafficking grounds where children are shipped as commodities. As he begins to reveal the truth of this dark subject, he is intercepted by forces that do not want his message to be heard.

Film details:
Total Running time: 15 minutes
Mastering: NTSC Color | 16 x 9 | Dolby 5.1
GENRES: Short, Drama, Educational, Thriller, Human Rights, Independent, Action
NICHES: Asian American, Hispanic, Latino, Third World